Intern Testimonials

It has been an amazing time at AXIS. They're building a suite of connected devices that are designed to save energy, primarily in the commercial sector. The technology we are creating automates window shades in commercial buildings and has been proven to significantly reduce energy consumption. It blocks out the solar heat gained during sunny weather, while harvesting natural daylight during overcast weather. I'm very proud to be a part of this process.

— Tung Huu Le, science graduate

The internship provided me meaningful work in the environmental sector by allowing me to monitor the sanitary sewers of new developments to ensure that we are building new homes in the most effective and water-efficient manner.

The company I interned at through the CICan Clean Tech Internship program, Civica Infrastructure, hired me full time, permanent once the internship was completed.

— Rebecca Allan, forensic science graduate

The internship provided me with a more managerial position, and more experience conducting research projects and presenting research/outreach materials. This position had a large applied conservation approach, which really made it a meaningful experience. We made a difference!

— Sean Hudson, wildlife biology and conservation graduate

The program has given me the experience needed for future employment, and has connected me to many industry professionals.

— Jillian Duggan, oceans technology graduate

Employer Testimonials

The program so far has been excellent, and has allowed NSCC to expand research activities in the general area of applied oceans research.

— Dr. Craig Brown, NSCC

This internship was an excellent opportunity for our company to work with a top notch candidate. The contributions of our intern during this period are too many to name. She was able to jump right in and make a positive contribution, and on her side, she got to work on an exciting project to deliver one of our wastewater treatment systems to the Canadian military. Our first commercial success!

We are extremely happy with the results of this program.

— Jennifer Taran, Island Water Technologies Inc.

Thank you for this wonderful program, and the opportunities it provides to young people and to the conservation work of our small nonprofit. Through this internship we were able to make great progress in our efforts to work with fishermen and communities on the growing problem of marine debris.

— Kathleen Blanchard, Intervale Associates Inc

CICan's Clean Tech internship program provides great opportunities for both interns and employers. The financial support helps companies to invest more in the training of interns. Also, interns gain valuable work experience that can open doors to the future.

— Neda Ghazi, Comfable Inc.