Employer Toolkit

1. Post it to your careers page

Post your internship description on your company’s careers page or job board. Make sure to include a link to the Clean Tech Interns page so that candidates know the eligibility criteria before applying to your internship.

2. Share it on social media

Share posts on social media to let prospective candidates know about your internship. Use our ready-made posts and just insert your link.

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3. Write about the program in your newsletter or blog

Your participation in the CICan Clean Tech Internship program is newsworthy! Let your network know about your experience by posting on your blog or including it in your newsletter. You could also send a message about this opportunity to your mailing lists.

4. Add the clean tech employer icon to your website

Show your clients and partners that you value the Clean Tech Internship program by adding our employer icon to your website and linking to our website.

Download employer icon